Drip Bottle Irrigation

Kondens Kompressor

Kondens Kompressor is a device that produces distilled water with solar radiation. It is made with glass bottles or containers or recycled plastic. The Kondens Kompressor traps water evaporated from the soil and deposit it on the inside. Moisture condenses on the interior walls and falls as drops and directed by the walls to the ground again. The water cycle. At night does double duty and also includes certain amount of dew. The system saves huge amounts of water for irrigation and grow plants that need to grow the best quality of water. The water produced by the Kondens Kompressor no salt, no nitrates and other contaminants. 

Not all plastics are suitable for human consumption. Preference have bottles Polypropylene, PET, and better ecological plastics. Better wash the bottles before they may have traces of fungicides and insecticides etc. ..

Not all plastics are suitable for a solar trickle. There are those who make less condensation or no. The reasons may be for the quality of the plastic, by a defect in the bottle or lock, for having saved water or other liquid inside.

Using tapers for KonKom lid. The drops fall better both inside and outside (the dew). If the shape is conical drops can fall back into the reservoir and the effect is zero.
Can be used from one to several shell for each plant. Always start at the side exposed to the sun.

Plastic duration depends on the sun. Pull recycling bottles before they rot.
Combine Kondens Kompressor a mulching-padded.

saving a lot of water, saving rainwater collected
time saving
saving money
prevent contaminated water or brackish
healthiest vegetables better tasting
Damage by rabbits and rats etc. very difficult

for vegetables
potting smaller bottles
for tree planting using various Kondenskompressor
for trees using various Kondenskompressor
for gardens under bushes and among flowers - See more at: 

A little research revealed that it is from this site devoted to this process. - See more at: http://raw4beauty.blogspot.in/2013/04/drip-bottle-irrigation.html#sthash.aaAIewoX.dpuf
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