Floral Ice Cubes

Floral Ice Cubes

Using petals and small buds in ice cubes is charming and easy to add to edible flower recipes. There are a few things to know when doing this.

Ice cubes can look murky. But if you boil water for a couple minutes and then fill the trays, the cubes will be clearer. Also, the flower will want to float to the top of the water in the ice cube tray. So to fully cover the flowers, fill the water half way up, add the flowers, freeze, then cover the flowers with more water and freeze again. This will ensure they are completely within the ice cube. Unless, that is, you want the look of the flower peeking up out of the top of the ice. It’s also fun to have colored ice by using either fruit juice, or adding a little food coloring. In this case, in order to see the flowers well, you’d want to make sure they are near the tops of the cubes or poking out.

Edible Flowers
Violets, Squash blossoms, Tulips, marigold, Anise hyssop, Calendula, Cornflower, Red and Pink, Clover, Honeysuckle, Hibiscus, Pansies, Nasturtiums, Roses, Lavender, Lemon blossoms, Orange blossoms, Jasmine, Borage, red and blue Beebalm, Apple Blossoms, Plum blossom, Peach blossom
Flowers of the Chive, Onion, Garlic, Leek Family

Just make sure you get your flowers from an organic Source for safety reasons.


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