The mind blowing tree

This mind-blowing tree is located in Washington’s Olympic National Forest about five miles north of Kaloloch lodge just off highway 101.
Don’t let the understated "Big Cedar Tree" moniker lead you to bypass this treasure. There are lots of "big" redcedars in the park, but this one has enough gnarly character to be the oldest Ent (Treebeard) in Lord of the Rings the Two Towers. The tree is also called the Kalaloch Cedar.
Latitude/Longitude 48° 05.83' N 123° 24.36' W
It is among the most widespread trees in the Pacific Northwest, and is associated with Douglas-fir and
western hemlock in most places where it grows. In addition to growing in lush forests, western redcedar is
also a riparian tree, and grows in many forested swamps and streambanks in its range. The tree is shade-tolerant,
 Western redcedar is also known (mainly in the American horticultural trade) as Giant Arborvitae. The name
western redcedar is also sometimes split into three words as 'Western Red Cedar', though this can cause confusion,
 as it is not a cedar.
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