The Sun Has Never Been Directly Linked to Skin Cancer Case

Medical Records State: The Sun Has Never Been Directly Linked to Skin Cancer Case

Everyone loves the summer time and with summer comes more sun exposure. Whether we have fair skin or dark skin, thinking about how much sun exposure we get is a good idea because we don’t want to burn or get heat stroke. But another side effect that often is brought up with sun exposure is skin cancer. Does the sun cause skin cancer? The purpose of this article is to go through various facts surrounding skin cancer to see if there is truly a link between the two.
The sun is the giver of life on this planet, there is no doubting that. But is it dangerous to our health? What may be surprising right off the top is that up until the time of writing this the sun has never ever been linked to solely causing skin cancer. All medical and governmental reports regarding patients with skin cancer have never been linked to the sun being the main cause. There have been suggestions that it may have played a role, but even that seems flimsy based on reports.
This myth was created and brought forward by the sunscreen industry, dermatologists and the cancer industry. Like with many other mainstream medical conditions, unfortunately people who do get skin cancers are often just thrown into the category of having got it from sun exposure without ever really being looked at as to why they got it. This has been an issue the medical field has not looked at greatly when it comes to various diseases because it often requires much time and testing with specific patients to really determine the causes. We can also see this trend with AIDS. Over the years the umbrella of symptoms  that will elicit a diagnosis of AIDS has gotten bigger and bigger. This means that without truly looking into what AIDS is, we are simply piling more and more people into the category without defining what AIDS really is at it’s bare bones. In the case of cancer, typically these days the immediate focus becomes not how someone got it but when to start their treatment of radiation and chemotherapy.
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