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• High level of vitamin C, helping to strengthen the immune system.

• Good source of B vitamins, including folate (take note those of you wanting to fall pregnant).

• A great food for those suffering from mood disorders, such as depression, again due to its content of B vitamins. Actually, orange essential oil is a great mood lifter.

• Provides dietary fiber, stimulating digestive enzymes and helping to prevent constipation, which is important for maintaining good colon health.

• Anti inflammatory properties, making it good for individuals suffering from arthritis, and respiratory conditions, such as asthma.

• Contains potassium, which amongst other things, helps to regulate blood pressure, and blood sugars levels.

• Antioxidant content helps to protect the cells from free radical damage, and supports healthy DNA, which is an important component for cancer prevention.

• Supports healthy breast tissue. Based on Don Tolman’s ‘whole food signatures’, oranges have a similar appearance and texture to breast tissue. If experiencing problems in this area, they are the perfect food to eat. They also assist in circulating the lymph to and from the breasts.

• Anti-aging – protects the skin from free radicals, keeping you looking younger.

Using Oranges Around the Home
• Use orange essential oil in areas where ants are present. They do not like it, and will keep away.
• Rub on the skin to repel the mosquitoes.
• A great deodorizer for around the home. Also, place dried orange peel into a cloth bag and hang in your wardrobe. Will help eliminate any musty smells.
• Place the peels in the oven on a low heat for about 10 minutes will help to absorb those cooking smells, and replace it with a fresh citrus smell.

Using Oranges for Hair and Skin Care
• Place some orange peel into a warm bath, for a relaxing, refreshing bath.
• Rubbing orange peel on your face will tighten the skin, helping to reduce the signs of fine lines.
• Dry the orange peel, and then grind it and store. You can add this to some water to make a paste, and apply to pimples to help dry them out. It also makes a great facial cleanser.
• For shiny locks, add orange juice to your final hair rinse. Allow to soak in for a couple of minutes, then rinse lightly.

As you can see, there are many great benefits of oranges, making them an asset for living an abundance of wellness live!

Lastly, according to color psychology experts, wear orange if you want to feel more vibrant, self confident, adventurous, and enthusiastic…right, I’m heading out to buy myself some orange outfits !
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