Red Beach – Panjin, China

Liaohe River Delta contains a very unique piece of landscape, the Red Beach. Not far from Panjin City, China
lies a beach that during the summer months looks like any other beach. Beautiful waters and a bit of green sea weed.

Than as the seasons change so does the sea weed. The green sea weed that blankets the entire beach turns red like fire in the autumn. Hence the reason it is called the Red Beach. Most of the beach is a nature reserve; there is however a small portion open to tourists to observe the amazing color and birds that thrive near it.

The sea-blite plant beings growing in late spring around April and May, it starts growing green. Then as the seasons begin to change it becomes a fiery red. The sea-blite plant grows in other areas on the coast but never turns to the beautiful red color. For the most part it is believed the seaweed turns red due to it being alkali tolerant. Some scientists say it is due to the alkaline-saline soil that is there. Other scientists believe it has something to do with all of the wildlife, particularly birds retreat to this great place.
There are 236 different kinds of birds. The inhabitants of this beach also include thirty protected birds. So naturally this one of a kind beach becomes a natural and wildlife reserve. The birds are usually just migrating between, southeast Asia and Australia. Outside of birds you will get to see giant turtles and tortoises and even seals.

Thousands of tourists come every year to see the Red Beach. Walk along its piers and observe all of the flying wildlife that stop in. You can get to the amazing tourist attraction via multiple daily trains that run from Beijing or hop on a long distance bus
that makes a regular stop at Panjin. Since the seaweed only changes color when the summer ends be sure you schedule your trip well enough that you get to see the Red Beach at its best. September is when the metamorphoses is in full swing and October and November you can still enjoy the vast flatbed of rose colored curiosity.
There is a wooden bridge that takes your from the land out onto the sea all which is covered in the red vastness. This seems to be a perfect photographic adventure. If you are a photographer you do not want to miss the chance to capture this part of China in all of its greatness.
You of course will have hundreds of snap shots of the red carpet that is rolled out for miles across the opening of the lake. You will also get the chance to click the different birds dancing across the waters or diving in for a quick snack. Most birds you will capture are gulls of different types but you can also get glimpses of birds such as the red-crowned crane which is a protected bird. There will be moments to capture that are not available anywhere else in the world. Not only because of the unique red sea weed, it is the combination of landscape and wildlife uniqueness
Thanks to the closeness and ease of access you can enjoy many other sites China has to offer before or after visiting the Red Beach. The beach is right off a main road way and not far from numerous big cities.

Some of the closest cities such as Panjin is rich in China history and can be explored for days. The history of China and the upcoming developments are enticing to the tourist.
The Red Beach is a great thing to see in this lifetime and a memory you are not about to forget. Panjin China should most definitely be among the bucket list of travel destinations. There seem to be so many amazing things to see in the world make sure the Red Beach is one of them. Enjoy the vibrant color that is laid across the beach and the water, while the birds swoop down for a treat, and the seals sunbathe, the giant turtles are definitely going to catch your attention and watching the sun set on these beautiful sites will make it all worth it in the end.

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