Fruit Frappe- Against Fat And Cellulite

We offer you this recipe to help you to release the fat and cellulite in a more easily and tasty way.
This frappe is ideal snack, breakfast or dinner.
Yogurt – Regulates the digestion, and melting the fat
-Blueberry, raspberry or currant – Powerful antioxidants rich with vitamin C, which is helping in collagen production
-Ginger -Improves circulation
-Banana – Contains large amounts of potassium which keeps the water retention in the body
-In a blender add the cold yoghurt and optionally a few cubes of ice. Add little ginger and your combination of fruits chopped into cubes. Mix it well and serve it in a bowl.
Ginger has a strong flavor, so use small pieces. Feel free to add natural juice in this frappe, or add little cinnamon or peppermint. Start your morning with this frappe, and have a hand of dry nuts and grains

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